Legal consultation (Spain)


Advising on legal topics related to a Spanish company.



We advise on topics related to your Swedish company, including commercial law, contract law and employment law, including immigration questions.

Examples of legal topics we cover:

  • Drafting legal documents (corporate documents/resolutions)
  • Consultation about trading licenses (except for financial services)
  • Sale and reorganization of companies
  • Regulating relations between shareholders
  • Increasing and decreasing share capital
  • Preparing resolutions and minutes of the meetings of the board, supervisory board and general meeting
  • Performing registry operations
  • Drafting contracts (loans, sales-purchase, rent…)
  • Employment and service contracts
  • The collective and individual termination of employment contracts and claims arising from contracts

Since the content and volume of legal consultation depends on your needs, then we will always agree on the exact volume of the consultation beforehand.