We can incorporate an Irish Limited Company for you in just 2-3 days.

Your company will require a minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder with no restriction placed upon the nationality, at least 1 director must have EU residency. Corporate shareholders are permitted.

It is not necessary to visit Ireland. Your company needs a registered office address and company secretary which we will supply.

Choosing Ireland for your business gives you an opportunity:

  • To develop your business in the European Silicon Valley and be among the world leaders.
  • To receive access to the state and European funding.
  • To reduce taxes – the profit tax can be cut down to 6.5%.
  • To arrange a residence permit already in the stage of project development in order to live freely and work in the EU.

The structure of the partnership enables payment of taxes not in Ireland but at the place of registration of partners. The excellent reputation of Ireland, the possibility to reduce the corporate tax rate to 0% and register the VAT number make the Irish limited partnerships an exceptionally attractive instrument for international trading.

  • Ireland is not blacklisted and is a respectable jurisdiction which averts a huge amount of queries from tax authorities
  • Irish limited partnership (ILP) must consist of at least one general partner and one limited partner (package offered by us includes services by two offshore corporate partners)
  • The general partner bears an unlimited responsibility for the management of the partnership, and the limited partner bears responsibility only to the extent of its capital investment and all revenue foregone
  • Both natural and legal persons from any country can become a partner
  • The amount of the company capital is unlimited
  • Legal address in Ireland is necessary for registration
  • Modern and efficient multilingual banking & financial services sector;
  • Excellent air and sea connections and telecommunications services;
  • Professional, reputable and efficient Government and Tax Authorities;
  • A mature professional services sector;
  • Very low expense level (fees) for financial and professional service provision compared to other EU Jurisdictions. The difference is more evident in the case of professional service recurring costs (administration, accounting & tax compliance) are estimated to be at 35- 40% of Western European rates. One could very easily be misled by the low quoted start up costs for major European Jurisdictions as to the final total costs which can be considerable if one calculates recurring costs.